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Eurowings and Volotea Launch Ticket Sale Partnership

Two European budget carriers just struck a deal to work in synergy in the coming years. The two airlines are Volotea and Eurowings and they will be working together on a ticket sale partnership. Let’s take a closer look at what the deal is about and how it will work.

How Will the Eurowings – Volotea Partnership Work?

The two airlines will be working together to sell jointly flight tickets. Briefly put Eurowings flights will be also available to be booked on Volotea’s site and viceversa.

This ticket sale partnership will be applied to over 140 destinations across Europe. However the airlines will not go into direct competition with one and other, as they will not overlap operations on each other’s routes.

Out of the over 140 routes where the partnership will be in place 100 will be operated by Eurowings while the remaining 40 by Volotea. Alongside the partnership the airlines also announced that Volotea is going to start operations on 8 routes to Germany in 2023. Here’s which ones they are:

From May 26th 2023

  • Berlino – Verona
  • Dusseldorf – Bordeaux
  • Stoccarda – Bordeaux

From October 10th and 12th 2023

  • Berlino – Lione
  • Amburgo – Bordeaux
  • Amburgo – Firenze
  • Amburgo – Lione
  • Stoccarda – Nantes

About the new Volotea Eurowings partnership

Why The Partnership Makes Sense

The Eurowings Volotea partnership is a win win deal for both airlines. The reason being that the two carriers have very different core markets and this agreement will allow them to tap into each other’s.

Eurowings mostly serves destinations in northern Europe and caters to the needs of holidaymakers in Germany. Volotea on the other hand has a stronger presence in souther Europe where it has most of its bases.

Who are Volotea and Eurowings?

As we already mentioned these are two budget airlines. Volotea is Spanish owned and has been expanding significantly over the past years opening bases in southern Europe. One of the latest being Firenze in Italy.

Eurowings is the Lufthansa Gorup budget airline. It serves many popular tourist destinations from Germany’s main cities.

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