Category - Frequent Flyer Programmes

The world of frequent flyer programmes is a truly fascinating one, from both the airline and the passenger’s perspective. From an airline’s point of view they offer the possibility of generating a massive chunk of ancillary revenue. From the passenger’s point of view on the other hand they are a way to get something back from their trips and bookings.

Here on I’ll be focusing on both sides. I’ll be covering how airlines change their frequent flyer programmes and the best offers that pop up from time to time. Also I’ll be analysing which are the best frequent flyer programmes for passengers depending on habits and geographical location.

Not all frequent flyer programmes are the same and it fundamental to choose the right one to maximise the benefits you can extract from each and every travel you book. These programmes have an extremely strong-tie with credit card programmes which have their own category, but will also be covered in some articles found below.