British Airways Frequent Flyer Programmes

British Airways Tier Points Can Be Earned With AMEX Branded Card

Collecting frequent flyer points with a credit card is nothing new in any way. It has been happening for ages. However, while in the US it is quite normal to also accrue status miles with credit card spend, it isn’t all that common with many European airlines. Therefore it’s quite a surprise when airlines in this part of the world do anything like this. This is exactly what British Airways is offering its passengers the possibility to do in the next few months.

What British Airways is Offering

Until May 21st 2024 it’ll be possibile to build up tier miles with your daily expenses for British Airways’ frequent flyer programme. Specifically you’ll have to spend money using the British Airways American Express Premium Plus Card. That is BA’s co branded credit card which already allows to collect Avios points.

The number of tier miles which you can build up with this method isn’t all that big though. You can build up to 200 Tier points by using the BA AMEX card. Just keep in mind that if you’re starting from 0 200 tier points won’t even get you to Bronze status. In order to access that level you’ll need 300 Tier points.

Also building up these points is quite expensive with these credit cards as you’ll need to spend:

  • 15,000£ on the card in order to gain 100 points
  • Additional 5,000£ on the card for additional 50 points
  • Another 5,000£ on top of those spent before to get the remaining 50 points

All in all you’ll need to spend 25,000£ to get the whole 200 points available. So do the maths an figure out if it’s worth while for you or not.

British Airways allows Tier points accrual with co branded AMEX Card

How Else Can You Build Up Tier Points?

The only other way to build up your tier points and make your way through the various membership tiers is by flying with British Airways. Until now this has been the only way and it remains the only true way to gain a higher status.

Which Are BA’s Tiers And How Many Points do You Need to Access Them?

  • Bronze – requires 300 Tier Points
  • Silver – requires 600 Tier Points
  • Gold – requires 1,500 Tier Points

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