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Which Airlines Are Part of The Miles And More Frequent Flyer Programme?

Frequent flyer programmes are arguably the most valuable cash producing asset an airline possesses. They have the power to keep travellers coming back and using the same airline time and time again a produce revenue from selling miles to partners. In some cases more than one airline share the same frequent flyer programme. That is the case of Miles & More which is the Lufthansa Group frequent flyer programme. However as we’ll see later on in the post, outside airlines also have adopted it.

Which Airlines Adopted the Miles & More Frequent Flyer Programme?

As mentioned above there are two groups of airlines that use Miles & More as their frequent flyer programme:

  • Lufthansa Group Airlines
  • External Airlines

To learn more about the Lufthansa Group you can check out this post, however in short its airlines, which also use Miles & More, are:

  • Lufthansa
  • Brussels Airlines
  • Austrian Airlines
  • Discover Airlines
  • SWISS International Air Lines
  • Eurowings
  • Air Dolomiti

These 7 airlines all fall under the direct control of the LH group, therefore it is obvious that they would share the same frequent flyer programme. However what is less intuitive is that some other, external, airlines would also use this programme. Why they’d do this I’ll cover further down in the post, but here’s the list of other airlines that use Miles & More:

  • Croatia Airlines
  • Luxair
  • LOT Polish Airlines

Which airlines use the Miles&More Frequent Flyer Programme?

Why Do These Airlines Use Miles&More?

So now let’s tackle the question regarding why airlines outside of the Lufthansa Group would use the same frequent flyer programme. The reasons are mainly 2:

  1. The airline is too small to sustain and create an attractive frequent flyer programme of its own. This is primarily the case of Croatia Airlines and Luxair. These two carrier are very small in terms of passengers transported and network and a programme of their own just wouldn’t make sense.
  2. The airline want to appeal more to the extremely wide user base of the Lufthansa Group airlines, by allowing them to build up their miles or redeem them on their services. This is the case of LOT Polish Airlines that by being part of Miles&More can be an attractive option also for Lufthansa Group frequent flyers even on long range flights.

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