Boeing, Its Origins and Planes It Builds

Stay up to date with all the latest news insights and analyses regarding the American giant of aviation. I’ll analyse the most recent and interesting insights and news coming from Boeing to give all the aviation enthusiasts some food for thought.

Which Planes Does Boeing Currently Produce?

The current Boeing aircraft lineup is comprised of 4 different aircraft types. However there are some caveats for each aircraft type which I will talk about in detail in each aircraft’s dedicated page. That aside, at the moment Boeing is currently producing the:

The only narrow body plane currently which is still available to be ordered it the Boeing 737. All other planes currently produced and delivered by Boeing are wide body, twin aisle jets.

A LATAM Boeing 787 Dreamliner the most technologically advanced plane Boeing has produced to date. The aircraft features carbon composite components that make it particularly light and make the air in it easy to breathe for passengers

Which Planes Are No Longer Produced?

They’re also planes that Boeing produced in the past, in its very long history, which are no longer part of the lineup. Some of these planes are pre jet era planes, piston engine powered, while others are just older jet airliners that have been discontinued.

The list of these no longer produced planes includes the:

  • 247
  • 307 Stratoliner
  • 314 Clipper
  • 377 Stratocruiser
  • 707
  • 727
  • 747
  • 757

The first four planes in the list are piston engine aircraft which were developed and produced before the dawn of the jet era. Jet era which Boeing dominated with it 737 and 707 models for short and long haul services.

When Was Boeing Founded?

Boeing was founded on July 15th 1916, under the name Pacific Aero Products by its founder William E. Boeing. The company held this same for its first year of existence and then went on to become Boeing Airplane Company.

Interestingly its history has some touch points with one of America’s largest airlines, United Airlines. Back in 1929 Boeing operated under the name United Aircraft and Transportation Corporation and did so for 5 years. With this very unique company both building and flying its planes. This changed, when in 1934 airlines and manufacturers were obliged to no longer be part of one organisation. Makes sense quite sense from a safety standpoint.

Therefore the Boeing Airplane Company went on to produce planes, while the airline maintained the wording United and became one of the largest in the US and the world.

Which Are The Main Competitors?

Without a doubt Boeing’s number one competitor is Airbus. The European conglomerate has steadily grown catching up to the American manufacturer and has in recent years become the largest airplane producer in the world. Many of the two producers’ planes overlap in class capacity and range going into direct competition with one and other.

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