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How To Book Cheap Flights?

Securing cheap flight tickets can often seem like a daunting task, especially when planning both domestic and international journeys. In this guide, we unravel the secrets to booking affordable flights, catering to a variety of travel preferences, whether you’re eyeing full-service luxury or seeking budget-friendly options with low-cost carriers. Our tips and strategies are designed to help you navigate the plethora of choices and secure the best deals, making your travel experiences both cost-effective and enjoyable. Get ready to embark on your next adventure without breaking the bank!

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Map All Airlines Serving The Route

First things first. You’ll need to get familiar with all the options available on the route you are interested in booking. When you familiarise with all the airlines serving a given route you’ll also start figuring out which ones offer pricier and which cheaper tickets on average.

Also you’ll get accustomed with the total travel time offered by the various airlines. You can start thinking how much layover time (on longer trips) or how little seat pitch are you willing to put up with in exchange for a cheaper ticket.

How to book cheap flights, the complete guide to doing so.

Keep Monitoring the Flight You’re Interested In

Once you are accustomed with which airlines offer regular services on the route you’re eyeing, it is necessary to keep monitoring tickets. You can do this by regularly performing booking simulations on the airline’s website. By doing so you’ll have an idea of what kind of fluctuations there are, what is the average price and how low the price needs to go in order to consider it a good deal.

Sign Up To Newsletters

This might sound very dumb and basic but it is very effective. If you are waiting for the price to drop on a specific route and you have in mind the handful of airlines that fly the route, sign up to their newsletters.

When airlines have special event sales or flash sales, the first thing they do is push out a newsletter. Therefore by being part of the mailing list you’ll be able to pounce to their site before too many people get there before you. Keep in mind promo fare tickets go real fast.

Tips and tricks you need to know to book cheap flights.

Consider Non Direct Flights

If you’re not aware of it there is one aviation industry fact you must know in order to get cheaper plane tickets: direct flights are more expensive than ones with stopovers.

This is more of a factor for longer trips of course. However airlines in order to incentivise you on travelling with them despite the stopover, over the direct option, have lower fares. So, say you’re flying from London to Singapore, maybe the cheapest option has a stopover in the middle east somewhere rather than flying direct with BA or SIA.

Decide Rapidly To Get The Cheap Flight You Want Before It Disappears

Probably the most important thing to do in order to secure cheap tickets is move and decide rapidly. Once you’ve spotted the deal don’t start dilly dallying, just get that credit card and book it. As I said promo fares go real fast and there are many people out there hoping to snatch that exact same ticket. So once you’ve found that deal that ticks all the boxes just book it.

To Get Cheap Flights Travel Off Peak

Another really key thing to keep in mind in order to get your hands on cheap flight tickets is to travel at the right time. Don’t expect to find the deal of your lifetime just before Christmas or during the summer months. Try to travel in off peak if you are trying to drive down as much as possible the price.

During times of the year when less people travel, airlines will put up with making less money from each passenger just to fill the seats and not operate at a loss.

Booking cheap airline fares, how to do so.

January Is Becoming the Airline Ticket Discount Month

It has become more common to see airlines offer discounts on reservations made during the month of January. For the early birds this is a great opportunity to save some real cash. So be extra vigilant during the first month of the year as airlines will be looking to put some cash in the bank as one of the toughest financial quarters of the year starts, Q1.

Choose The Right Fare For Your Flights

Low cost airlines are not always the cheapest option. You need to have clear in your mind what your needs are. If you are just travelling with a backpack the bare fare of the Spirit and Ryanair of this world will do just fine. However if you start adding any ancillary fee ticket prices can shoot up rapidly with LCC (low cost carriers). So choose the fare and the airline carefully according to what your needs are.

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