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Korean Air Launches a New Safety Video


If you haven’t seen it yet, make sure to watch it as soon as possible. Of course we’re talking about the new Korean Air Safety demonstration video.

The Korean flag carrier teamed up with the popular K-Pop group “SuperM” to tape their new safety demo video. If you have anyone under 25 in your family you must know that Korean music and cinematography is on the rise.
K-Pop and K-Drama is available anywhere in the world. Also many movie productions have made their way into the European and American markets. So what better way to attract the attention of the younger generation which is interested in this Korean wave than a K-Pop themed safety video.


The reason is simple with this move everyone interested in K-Pop will set their eyes on Korean Air. This increases the chances of increasing bookings to Korea. This type of communication is perfect to increase the airline’s brand awreness among a laser focused segment.

Previous Cases

This of course is not the first time airlines have used movie style productions for their safety demo videos. A couple of unforgettable productions come to mind.

Air New Zealand “Hobbit Safety Video”

Air New Zealand in occasion of the launch of “The Hobbit Trylogy” used a hobbit themed safety video. It was a fantastic marketing move to both promote the airline and New Zealand as well because most of the movie had been shot in the country and the safety video featured a lot of the scenery.

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