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The Best Travel Christmas Ad Ever Made

It’s Christmas again, which means it’s that time of the year when many companies launch dedicated season ads. So I thought I’d share with you which in my opinion is the best, travel related, Christmas ad.

Heathrow Beats Them All

Among all travel related christmas ads there is one that still hasn’t been topped since it was created 2 years ago. Heathrow Airport created a Christmas ad called “Coming Home For Christmas”. The shows two teddy bears making their way through the London mega airport.

The staff helps them as they navigate throught the airport. Finally they when they arrive at the meet and greet area, it seems there is nobody waiting for them there when two kid’s appear running towards them. As the video ends in a heartwarming hug, the two teddybears transform into an elderly couple.

What makes a Great Travel Video?

But why do I think this is a great travel related video? It’s simple, every travel related video must connect you on an emotional level. Travelling is all about emotions: sadness if you’re leaving family behind, happiness if you are meeting family, excitement for a new adventure. So any successful travel related ad should connect with you via one of these emotions.

And you don’t always need super expensive production to make a video that does this. Although it is not a Christmas ad, SAS proved this is the case with a fantastic ad. They just taped the the facial expressions and emotions of people waiting and arriving in the meet and greet area of Copenhagen airport.

Let me know what are your thoughts about these two ads and let me know if you have any other favourite travel related Christmas videos or ads.

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