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Where To Sit If You Hate Turbulence

That feeling of the entire aircraft shaking around your, some don’t mind it, some hate it. Obviously we’re not talking about severe turbulence, that would scare anyone, trust me. If you don’t mind turbulence then this article doesn’t apply to you. In the other case this might be a piece of information you might find useful.

You might not have ever thought about this but, not all seats on the plane experience the forces of turbulence the same way. And the longer the plane the more this rule applies.

So Where is The Best Place to Sit If You’re Afraid of Turbulence?

The aircraft is a long aluminium cylinder. If you life it from a point, obviously the tube will flex and this exactly what happens to an aircraft, every time it becomes airborne. By now you probably see where I’m going with this.

If you are afraid of turbulence the best place for you to try and sit on your next flight is over the wings. For one simple reason, it’s the closest to the aircraft’s center of gravity. This means among other things, that you’ll be very close to the point where lift is being created by the wings.

Which in turn means that you’d be seated in a point of the fuselage where flexing is reduced to a minimum during the flight. Especially during turbulence. For instance on a Boeing 777-300 that would be around row 20.

Where shouldn’t you sit?

If the best place to sit is over the wings, the worst places to sit would be at the extremities of the aircraft, nose and tail. So if you’re flying in economy avoid the last rows of the aircraft, also they’re usually very noisy due to the proximity to the restrooms and to the galley (the kitchen).

If you fly in the premium cabins you don’t have an option, you’ll certainly be at the front of the plane. But in this case I’m sure that the comforts of your first class suite or business class seat will make you forget all about it.

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