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Why I left Emirates

Let’s go straight to the point and answer the question:

“Why did I leave my job at Emirates?”

It’s not just one factor that brought me to the conclusion that leaving my job as a flight attendant was the right one for me. Keep in mind that the average employment time of cabin crew in Emirates isn’t all that long. Back when I was there it was a little over 3 years.

Emirates 777 At the Terminal

And that’s more or less how long I worked for them. I am very grateful to the airline. It granted me the possibility to travel around the world, see new places and build a personal experience that in no other way I could have developed.

My Shattered Dream

But after 3 years split eavenly working between the Economy and Business class cabin, I realised it was time for me to leave dubai. I always had one big dream in my life, which was to become a pilot. So much so that I started taking flying lessons, did my first solo flight, and passed my PPL theory exam. But that dream hit a brick wall when I found a little defect with my eyes that down the road might have blocked me after having invested a great amount of money.

Cessn Interior

My Personal Life

So I quit my lessons before I had invested too much into it. This is when my psychological motivations started lacking. I wanted to do something more than be a flight attendant all my life. Also I was growing a bit tired of life in Dubai, not much for the city itself which I still love today. But mostly because of my personal life, I started feeling the urge to settle down and I couldn’t see how I could do that while working as a flight attendant.

A New Job

That’s when the possibility of moving back to Italy came up. I started my own business which allows me to work from anywhere in the world on my own schedule. And that’s what I’ve been doing until now. I miss flying I must be honest. But my new life still allows me to travel, not as much as I would like to do, but enough.

I now work in digital advertising. Which is also why I started this site and another Italian football related one.

My Advice

If you’re looking into this industry in particular for a job as a flight attendant I’d give you this advice. Do it preferably when you are young. It will mould your charecter in a strong way. Also it’ll increadibly help forming your communication and relational skills.

But don’t think about it as a job you’ll do the rest of your life, build your exit strategy. This is easier said than done because the lifestyle is addictive and not at all easy to give up I can assure you.

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