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Cabin Crew Life and Experiences

When talking with people and they find out I've been a cabin crew in my life, I get a lot of questions. There is a lot people don't know about the life of a flight attendant and what happens behind the scenes.

Of course much changes when working for an airline or another, however there are many common traits across carriers. I'll give you an insight on what my experience as a cabin crew was like in my 3 years as an Emirates flight attendant.

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What Is It Like Being a Cabin Crew?

The experience of being a cabin crew can vary significantly depending for what type of airline you work for. If working for a low cost short haul carrier you will probably won't have all that many chances to explore and see the world. On the other hand if you work for a full service or legacy airline as a cabin crew you'll have many layovers during which you can explore new places around the world.

Obviously if working for a full service airline you'll have to face some issues as fatigue caused by jetlag and having to work on long redeye flights. So when applying for a job as an airline these are also some of the things you should keep in mind.

How To Apply to Be A Cabin Crew?

This is the easy part. Airlines around the world periodically hold open days you can sign up for and present your CV. Some airlines might have a long selection process while others a shorter selection process.

Also some carriers might only allow you to apply for a position as a cabin crew if you already have some sort of experience working for an airline. The airlines with the most frequent cabin crew application open days are arguably:

  • Emirates
  • Qatar Airways

So stay on the lookout for the next open day near your location to apply for the job.

How Old Do Cabin Crew Need To Be?

There is a minimum age to be a cabin crew and in most cases that would be the minimum working age of 18. However many airlines will have a higher minimum application age that reflects the minimum age to serve alcohol or the minimum age to get a particular visa.

So if you're fresh out of high school it might be a good idea to check which is the application criteria for the airlines you would like to apply to work for.

Also, although the minimum age to be a cabin crew might be 18 or 21 the airlines might be looking for more experienced crew and therefore you might not fall in the correct age bracket. Alternatively many airlines prefer to train younger cabin crew and might opt to hire crew of a lower average age.

Do Cabin Crew Members Need a Degree?

No cabin crew members do not need a degree. You can apply for a job even with a high school diploma. What you do need in order to enjoy the job and perform at your best is patience and passion for serving people, along with the ability to adapt to working with different nationalities and at vary different working hours during the month.

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