About Me

My name is Alex. I have always been fascinated with the world of aviation since I was a child. Some of my first memories involve an airport and a plane. Travelling was more of a family necessity more than just something we wanted to do. My parents are American and Australian and although I was born in Italy and I have an Italian descent, I grew up the first years of my life between Denmark and the Netherlands. Therefore either to visit family or for my parents work I happily had to travel by lane very often when growing up.

At the age of 20 I moved away from home. And of course I couldn’t find a job in any other industry than aviation of course. I became a flight attendant and worked 3 years for Emirates based in Dubai.

I now live in Italy, having quit my job as a flight attendant, with my wife (she’s Korean). I still travel quite a bit for work and to visit my wife’s and my family around the world.